Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Summer Recap

So we've just finished an awesome summer!

After teaching some summer school at GCFS right after school, we flew to Ohio. There we spent three weeks having a great time with family and friends and took a road trip to New York to see Brian and Jane's wedding before boarding a flight back to Seoul for two days in preparation for our week in Myanmar with New Philadelphia church. It all went by so fast, by I did my best with pictures and video to put together this recap of our time at home.


A funny story about Brian's wedding...

I was one of the groomsmen. Before coming back to the US, Brian took us to a tailor in Itaewon to get our suits fitted. They were so nice! Long story short, fifteen minutes before we were supposed to walk up to the alter for the ceremony, I dropped my wedding ring and bent down to pick it up. That's when I heard a "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!" Oh snap!

My suit pants ripped right down my butt-crack!

Even worse was that I didn't even get down far enough to get my ring! haha So down I go again... "riiiiiiiiiiiiiip" again! But this time I got my ring. I ran back to the changing room and had another groomsmen problem solve with me to come up with worst-case scenarios. Luckily, the wedding planner had a sewing kit on her - and she did her best. But the pants were just too badly torn.

This is where I learn that the Lord provides!

Just then I remembered that in my bag I had brought a pair of kaki jeans that I had only purchased the week before. They weren't an identical match... but they were close enough! I was sweating throughout his entire wedding hoping that nobody noticed... haha!

In the end things turned out okay and I didn't ruin the wedding. But I was sweatin' bullets during it!

*Stay tuned for some reflections from our recent trip to Myanmar - it was one for the books!


  1. glad y'all enjoyed your summer home! :) bummer about those pants. hahaha. thanks for sharing your story! miss you both!